Your Bank?

Does your bank give you a 10% Reward for Every Deposit?

Does your bank give you 6% Interest on Your Savings?

Does your bank give EVERY Account Holder the Opportunity for Profit-Sharing?

If not, It's time to check out Kinetic Gold

Kinetic Gold

Kinetic Gold is a new banking platform and cryptocurrency that is in its Pre-Launch phase.

Unlike other cryptocurrenciences, Kinetic Gold has been designed to be utilized like a standard bank account on a regular basis for normal banking activities. Features like payroll deposit, ATM access, Debit Card Access and on-line banking are among the standard banking features to be available.

You will be able to access your Kinetic Gold account to make payments at any local merchants that accept Visa/Mastercard.

There are no minimum or maximum transaction sizes.

Transaction charge is 1/2 of 1% of the transaction.

Unlike your standard bank account, your account is denominated in ounces of Gold, insured to the full value of your deposits (no $250,000 limit) by Lloyds of London, and can be used within any country.

The cryptocurrency feature of decentralized transactions allows for very secure transactions, permanent records located outside of any bank server that can be hacked. Transactions can take place having no regards to national borders or transaction amounts. In addition all data within the blockchain is encrypted for your privacy.

By its design, Kinetic Gold is designed to be a benefit to the small account holder, allowing them to receive the same benefits as the large account holder. The Rewards and Profit Sharing applies for all account holders. Just by using Kinetic Gold like your standard bank account you automatically qualify for significant amount of Rewards. Without changing your income or spending habits, you can see large immediate benefits. The Rewards alone can add up to hundreds of dollars worth of Gold to your account on a monthly basis.

Gold Diggers Association

Gold Diggers is an Association whose members can participate in the KineticGold Banking platform.

Some Kinetic Gold benefits and features will only be accessible to members of the Gold Diggers Association.

Your membership in the Gold Diggers Association will do the following for you:

  • Get you a Free Off-Shore Bank account that is associated with KineticGold, Non members pay the normal Fee to create the account
    • Non-member of Gold Diggers charge to get this account is
      • $1000 USD fee to open the Account
      • minimum opening balance $50,000 USD
    • Your account is linked with your KineticGold account.
    • Your account is denominated in ounces of Gold.
    • Gold in in storage at a secure vault in Dubai.
    • Account is insured to the full amount of deposit.
    • You set the limit that can be spent per transaction.
    • No charge to open the Off-Shore Bank
    • No minimum opening balance or operating balances.
  • Account will have a Free Mastercard/Visa Debit card associated with it., non-members pay for this service.
    • Non-Members of Gold Diggers are charged $50.00 USD per year.
  • Provide you with a Free KineticGold E-wallet, non-members pay for this service.
    • Non-Member of Gold Diggers are charged $25.00 USD - one time charge
  • Establish and update your down-line for Profit-Sharing within the KineticGold Blockchain.
    • Awards for deposits is controlled by the Blockchain
    • Profit-Sharing is controlled by the Blockchain
  • Help you Promote your downline organization
    • Make members aware of Association Events
      • Training on how Kinetic Gold works
      • Training on sponsoring your organization
  • Maintain the downline organization
    • You can see who is in your downline at the GoldDiggers website.
    • You can contact members of your downline through the GoldDiggers website.
  • There is a one-time fee of $39.95 for becoming a member of the Gold Diggers Association

Kinetic Gold's Coin

Kinetic Gold's coin is equivalent to 1 oz of fine gold at spot value. This is established by requiring that before any coin can be issued that there is at least one ounce of Gold in our insured vaults that is not guaranteeing any other coin. The coin technically represents a warehouse receipt for 1 ounce of Gold at spot price.

When a member makes a deposit to purchase a coin, the deposit funds are used to purchase additional gold for Kinetic Gold's reserves.

The Spot price of gold is essentially it's wholesale price. This means that you control one ounce of Gold per Coin purchased without having to pay minting costs, vaulting costs, insurance or shipping. When a standard purchase of coins or bullion is made these costs will be incurred which could reach as high as 10% of the purchase. The price of Gold would have to increase by this amount before you would see a profit.

With your Kinetic Gold account, if spot price changes just 1%, the value of your account will adjust accordingly.

With any deposit (purchase of coins) the value of the coin is reestablished to spot price

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the value of the coin is not determined by scarcity as additional coins are being added continuously along with additional gold deposits. It is always tied directly to the spot price of gold for either purchases or transfers.


Kinetic Gold's blockchain is one of the fastest block chains available.

Transaction times are in the millisecond range, making transactions seem almost instantaneous from any two points in the world.

Initally Kinetic Gold will use starchain and will migrate over to even a faster system that will be able to keep up with the anticipated growth and number of transactions of Kinetic Gold.

All transactions will automatically encrypt all elements of the transaction, keeping your private transactions private.

The Blockchain contains all the rules and regulations regarding purchase and transactions of Kinetic Gold. This includes all Rewards and profit sharing. This ensures that each members account if safe, secure and that all appropriate rewards and profit sharing is automatically credited to those accounts that earn it.

Vaulted Storage

At the minimum there will be no less than one ounce of Gold on deposit and insured for every coin issued.

The initial vault will be located in Dubai.

Insurance for all depositors for the full amount of deposit will be provided by Lloyds of London.

The Vaulted Storage will interface with the Off-shore Banking system to convert Gold back into fiat currency when needed to cover banking transactions of the account holders. Only when Coins are converted into fiat currency and are removed from the system can the equivalent amount of Gold be sold

All Transactions are controlled by the blockchain.

Off-shore Banking

During the ICO phase an off-shore bank will be obtained on the island of Nevis.

This bank will have full on-line banking capabilities for our members accounts.

This bank will also provide Debit Card access and processing for our members accounts.

Debit Card will be branded with Mastercard or Visa and can be used anywhere, including ATMs, accepting these brands

Members will have access to funds from anywhere in the world.

Account will be denominated in gold ounces.

Account is fully linked to the cryptocurrency account.

Coins in the cryptocurrency account can be converted to fiat currency or physical gold, quickly and easily

All transactions are controlled by the blockchain.

The blockchain is outside of the control of any country in the world.


During the Pre-Launch Phase:

  • Members will be accepted into Gold Diggers Association.
  • Member's may build their Mining organization using the Gold Diggers Association. (See details on Mining Kinetic Gold)
  • New Members will register with the Gold Diggers Association through the or the website.
  • Because the Off-Shore bank and Kinetic Gold's blockchain is not complete the following limitations will be in effect
    • No funds will be accepted to purchase Kinetic Gold's coins.
    • Payment of the Registration fee ($39.95) for the Gold Digger's Association will be paid through ACH or E-Checks.
      • Payment processing on site will request routing and bank account number for an electronic check
      • Payment processing is preformed by a independent ACH/E-check processor
      • KineticGold and the Gold Digger's Association will not have access to your banking details.
    • Kinetic Gold's profit sharing will be paid manually and directly through ACH
      • Payments will be made on a monthly basis.
      • ACH payments will be processed manually
      • Minimum profit sharing amounts to be paid per month is $100.00
      • Unpaid profit sharing shall roll over to the next month.
      • When Kinetic Gold is launched then all payments to be made automatically through the Kinetic Gold cryptocurrency and Off-Shore Bank Account.
    • The Off-Shore bank account is pending
    • The Debit Card for Off-Shore bank account is pending
  • Programming of the block-chain will commence
  • Creation of the Foreign Trust will be completed

The Pre-Launch Phase will end and the ICO will begin when:

  • Programming of the block-chain is ready for final testing
  • Foreign Trust is in place
  • Promotion of Membership of the Kinetic Gold's member association will continue through the ICO

Final Testing of block-chain will completed

Transfer of Mining Organization to blockchain

Kinetic Gold will also obtain an off-shore bank that will provide the on-line access and Debit card access to the account.

Kinetic Gold will make an initial deposit into the insured vaults a minimum of 1000 kg of hallmarked gold prior to Launch. This base amount of Gold is used during the deposit process to set the initial value of new coins.

Coins purchased during the ICO will be purchased at a discount below spot price. The amount of the discount is determined by the number of Coins purchased. The ICO amount will be used to purchase the Gold represented by the ICO funds. The gold from the ICO will be used to back the coins issued once Kinetic Gold is launched. This backing lasts only during the period that the fiat currency of the deposit is used to purchase additional gold. Once the additional gold is deposited the backing is no longer needed. This backing period will be completed within 6 months and then the Coins for the ICO will be issued.

Release of ICO coins are controlled by the blockchain.

Kinetic Gold's profit sharing will paid through ACH until the Off-Shore bank is operating and the accounts have been put into place.


Deposits will commence (Coins issued)

Off-Shore bank in place with debit card

Remaining Mining results from Kinetic Gold's member association previous organization development will be deposited in accounts.

Deposits and Mining results will result in additional gold on deposit in the vaults.

All transactions are controlled and recorded by the blockchain

All designed features are now in place and functional for all members.